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Hey there,
I am Aayush Lamichhane. Some people call me Aye Yell, and it basically is supposed to be pronounced as A L (which are my initials if you give it a think) — or so thought my 13 year old self when he gave that name to me. I am a huge tech geek. I love making websites and web based apps. Not only limited to that, I can and love to make apps for iOS (and learning Android app development), create web based apps and more. I am a high school student currently living in Nepal.

I like taking pictures of landscapes and nature, and also some portraits of beautiful people here and there. I’ve recently gotten into videography. Editing photos and videos are fun things to do, even though I might not be the best at both. Photoshop and Final Cut Pro X are my go-to editing programs. I also like hanging out with friends and occasionally playing Minecraft with my brother.

Mac user since the last two years, not switching back to Windows. iOS and macOS are love.

I occasionally write about technology, or whatever comes to my mind, on the blog section of this website. You can go check it out.

If you happen to be in Nepal and want to invite me for a coffee or you want me to help you out on something you’ve been stuck at, or you just want to give me some feedback on the website or anything for that matter, you can contact me from the Contact page.

I’d like to thank you for taking time out from your day (or night) to visit my personal website. Hope you like it. 🙂

From the Blog

Make your apps “undeleteable” on iOS

Before you start reading, i want to let you know that this is not a recent post — i wrote it in around 2015. So if you think my language here is even worse than what it is now, forgive me. Onto the post. So today while I was digging deep through the Settings app […]

Happy New Year! – 2018

Happy 1st January to everyone! It’s been a few hours since 2018 officially started, and with the beginning of 2018, ended 2017 (which should be fairly obvious but i wrote it anyway). 2017 was the best of years in my life, one that certainly brought about a lot of changes and taught me a lot […]

aayushlamichhane.com — A new place for me to start new things

First off all, welcome to the site. This is a place where i’ll be writing on whatever i feel like writing, which can go from really geeky tech stuff and how to’s to photography stuff and just random thoughts that come to my head from time to time. I have been into writing blog posts […]

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