Make your apps “undeleteable” on iOS

Before you start reading, i want to let you know that this is not a recent post — i wrote it in around 2015. So if you think my language here is even worse than what it is now, forgive me. Onto the post.

So today while I was digging deep through the Settings app on my iPad, I happened to find a really awesome thing. A way you can prevent others from deleting apps on your iOS device! That basically means there will not be an ‘X’ icon on the apps downloaded from the App Store in the edit mode on your home screen (just like the default set of apps).

Note: You can also disable this whenever you want so that you can get back to deleting apps on your device. This works only on iOS Devices and NOT on Android phones or tablets.

Want to prevent others from deleting your apps on your device? Read on!

How to disable deleting apps on your iOS Device

Follow this simple step-by-step instructions to remove the ‘x’ icon from your apps.

  1. Go to Settings > General > Restrictions. Now, if you have never been to Restrictions before, you will be asked to enter a new passcode to get into this setting later on. Remember, DON’T use the same passcode you have (or haven’t) used in the lock screen.

  2. After you’ve entered the Restrictions tab, you will see a list of some default apps and features with a toggle to turn them on or off.

  3. Go down until you see Deleting Apps and then turn off the toggle.


Now, when you go to your home screen, there will no longer be the ‘X’ icon on top of your apps downloaded from the App Store. That means, no one, except you, can delete those apps.

Note: If you want to delete the apps, you will have to go to Settings > General > Restrictions and turn on the Deleting Apps again.

Have fun with your phone.

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