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First off all, welcome to the site. This is a place where i’ll be writing on whatever i feel like writing, which can go from really geeky tech stuff and how to’s to photography stuff and just random thoughts that come to my head from time to time.

I have been into writing blog posts since i was 12. I didn’t write for anyone or anything big, i had a small blog with a decent amount of followers where i wrote how-to posts, tech news i was most excited about and a lot of other tech related things. I was and still am proud of what i had been able to accomplish through that blog i started when i was 12. It was my very first website. I still have a lot of love for that name. had been my blog since 2012 or earlier. It was the first .com website ever registered for me. had been my blog since i started writing blogs.

In 2016 however, something happened to the server the site was being hosted on and all the data in the server got corrupted. I lost all my data. All the posts i had been writing since my childhood, even though one could argue that they weren’t that good, had been lost, without any way for me to get them back. I felt really bad when i found out about it. I had a good amount of weekly traffic coming to read my posts, but it all came to an end when i lost all the data. I decided i’d give it another try. I wanted it all back. I wrote a handful of posts and uploaded them to the site, but because there were so few of them and (i had been too lazy to write again after what happened), there weren’t as much people visiting. The blog stayed inactive for the longest time in 2016, and much of 2017 too.

Then on December 5th, 2017 (which is just two days ago from the day i’m writing this post), i decided that i should put an happy ending to the website that had been a part of my life for so long, than to just let it stay without me adding much to it, and start a new one, a personal website to mark my online presence better than what had been able to do for me. I wanted to create a website that would perhaps even act as my resume when I get older. I went with the simplest domain name which people could tell was mine from just looking at it once —

This website is about me, random thoughts from my head; and everything i want it to be. This is a new place for me to start new things.

Writing is something i love very much, so i’ll still be writing blog posts here and there. As mentioned earlier, the posts may be about technology and/or new gadgets i like and want to talk about, photography (because i like taking photographs as my hobby), news i’m excited about or news i don’t like, or really anything i might be thinking about at a particular time.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you for visiting. If you have anything you want to tell me, feel free to leave a comment, or if you want to say it to me personally, you can write to me on my email. Thanks for visiting, have a good day.

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