Happy New Year! – 2018

Happy 1st January to everyone! It’s been a few hours since 2018 officially started, and with the beginning of 2018, ended 2017 (which should be fairly obvious but i wrote it anyway). 2017 was the best of years in my life, one that certainly brought about a lot of changes and taught me a lot of things. 2017 was a great teacher to me, it gave me lessons on life and people that will stay with me through 2018 and beyond. It taught me that not everyone was awesome as i thought them to be, not everything went the way i wanted it to go and more importantly, not every day of the year can you be happy all the time. It taught me who i was and who i wanted to be as a person. It was the year i became a little bit more confident to do what i wanted to do, wear what i wanted to wear, be where i wanted to be.

Also, this year was the year for adventure, i travelled to some awesome places, met some of the best people on planet Earth and got close to a lot of family and friends. 2017 took my hand and showed me what happy felt like, what love felt like, what working hard felt like, what sad felt like, what ‘me’ felt like. If i get a chance to change one thing about 2017, i would pass on it. Being the teacher it has been, i’d change nothing about this year. This is one of the years i will look back in my sixties, seventies or even eighties — assuming i even live that long — and reflect all the good things that happened, and all the better things that happened that i learned from. Here’s to 2017. Thank you last year. Hope this year will be as good as you. <3

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